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The works of fine art photographer Betty Rosen present a distinct and consistent personal style.  The compelling motivation in her photographs reflect her lifelong passion for travel -- one that has brought her to forty-nine countries around the globe, most several times over.

Betty Rosen's work is distinguished by her ability to capture "the magic of the moment," with a focused preference on endangered cultures and tribal people in many of the most remote corners of the world.  Her images are bold and dramatic, colorful, and imbued with exotic personality.  From young, virile, tribal chieftains to septuagenarian opium addicts to seductive landscapes and otherworldly panoramas, Betty Rosen's compositions are spontaneous and larger-than-life.  Her work has become increasingly recognized for its intricacy of detail, sophistication and honesty of content.



2017 - National Gallery of Art Archives, Washington, DC

2014 - Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, MD

2013 - Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, MD

2010 - Friends Without a Border, New York City Exhibition

2009 - Angkor Hospital, Siem Reap, Cambodia Exhibition

2008 - V. Day Superdome Building, New Orleans, Promoted by Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres

2008 - Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, Baltimore, MD - Permanent Collection

2007 - Featured artist, Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD - Permanent Collection

2005 - K Bank, Baltimore, MD - Permanent Collection

2004 - Kajoksee, Phuket, Thailand - Permanent Collection

2003 - Associated Jewish Charities, Baltimore MD - Permanent Collection

2003 - Featured artist , Walter Gomez Gallery, Baltimore, MD

2002 - Pearlstone Center, Glyndon, MD - Permanent Collection

2002 - Maryland Public Television, Artworks

2001 - The Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD - Installed in the Museum's Permanent Collection of African Art. 

2001 - Clarke & Clarke Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2001 - Exhibited in Art-Santa Fe, NM - Represented by Brenda Edelson, Inc., Baltimore, MD and Santa Fe, NM

2000 - White Barn Inn, Kennebunkport, ME - Permanent Collection

2000 - Featured artist, Baltimore Office of Promotion, World Trade Center, Baltimore MD

1999 - Featured artist, Towson State University, Baltimore, MD

1999 - Featured artist, City Café, Baltimore, MD


  • Continuing studies, Schuler School of Fine Art, 1967-1972

  • Continuing studies, Maryland Institute, College of Art, 1939-1959

  • Continuing studies, Peking University, Chinese Calligraphy, Mandarin Chinese


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